The Windy Springs Preserve

Thomas Drummond
96978 Windy Springs Road
Inyokern, CA 93527

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*Spiritual Retreats      *Outdoor Services      *Camping

Classes:  Yoga, Tai Chi, Wilderness Survival, Animal Tracking, Earth Philosophy

Projects:  Permaculture and Alternative Building (Straw Bale, Super Adobe, Cob)

Distant, Pacific Crest Trail
South Fork Kern River Valley
Kennedy Meadows

Beauty abound, all year around
Immersed in the silence of Nature.
Coyotes howl Red Tails call among
Waves of wind in the trees

TAD 2008

Bordered by wilderness, The Windy Springs Preserve is 320 acres, on the most southeastern plateau of the Sierra Nevada Range.

Pristine surroundings rejuvenate one's mind, body and spirit, with vast meadows, ancient trees and pure artesian springs.

Abundant wildlife, protected in a haven of Pinon Pine and Juniper, make an ideal retreat for the naturalist, artist, musician or writer.

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